Input                  5V / 0.55A (max)
Capacity            3000mah
Output               USB: 5V/ 1A (5 watts)
Color                  Black, Red, Blue, Purple
Dimension         91 * 21 * 21mm
Net weight         80g
Certification      CE. FCC, RoHS, UL
Include               Instructions, Storage Bag
Compatibility     Compatible with smartphones, iPhones, Bluetooth devices, GPS, GoPro cameras, and other portable 5v devices. Not recommended for full size tablets like the iPad and the Galaxy 10.1 
Charging up your Magicstick Portable Power Bank
  1. Charge your Magicstick using the included micro-USB cable, or any good quality charging micro-USB cable.
  2. Your Magicstick will charge from empty in 6 hours.
  3. The red light on the Magicstick indicates it is charging.
  4. When the light shows blue, the unit is fully charged.
Using your Magicstick Portable Power Bank
  1. Plug your device into the Magicstick using your device’s USB cable.
  2. The device will begin charging automatically
  3. Disconnect device after receiving the charge you need.
  4. Recharge your Magicstick at your first convenience. (see Notes & Usage tips below)
Charge Light Indicators – Press the button to activate
  1. Three Light or more  70-100% charged
  2. Two Light  30-50% charged
  3. Single Light  1-30% charged
Notes & Usage Tips
  • A stored, charged Powerock will lose its charge at a rate of 8% a month. This rate goes up in warmer environments, and down in cooler environments. Emergency kit builders are encouraged to use larger capacity power banks, store in cool areas, and recharge every 4 months.

  • Powerocks get warm during use and charging. This is normal.
  • Extend the life of your Powerock by recharging it before it is fully drained of power.
  • Small and convenient to carry
  • Charges phones as quickly as a wall charger
  • Button activated battery status indicator
  • CE, UL, FCC, and RoHS approved
  • Recyclable
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