Clarification regarding tempered glass anti shock properties 

  • MTT NEO Tempered Glass will reduce impact of any shock. The tempered glass will break first in case of any shock safeguarding the mobile Screen. MTT do not warrant or guarantee LCD shock prevention. 
  • The property of shock absorption will save direct impact on LCD Screen, which can be accidentally saved from certain level of shock. 
  • The Glass has anti shatter properties and it will beak and remain intact in case of extreme shock. The shattered glass can be taken out easily.
  • The Glass can absorb small shocks (say 200 to 300 grams object is falls from 1/2 meter)
  • The main positioning of MTT NEO is;
    • Fully Anti scratch
    • High Touch Sensitivity (same) like LCD Panel of the screen
    • Anti Fingerprint
    • Oleo phobic coating magically resists oils and reduces annoying fingerprints

How do we differentiate MTT NEO Glass from other ordinary glass ?